International Car Shipping from the USA to Hong Kong

Car shipping to Hong Kong

Offering weekly car shipping services to Hong Kong direct from the USA using specialized Roll on Roll off ships or by secure shipping container, we have partnered with the country's biggest car shipping lines to bring you an unrivalled service at an unbeatable price.

Our fully inclusive car shipping service to Hong Kong, together with our nationwide auto transport network, provides a truly door to door service. Alternatively, with specialist car shipping facilities located throughout the US and services operating from all main ports, you can personally deliver your car to one of our transport hubs or directly to the port departure and we will simply take it all from there.

To get your free Hong Kong car shipping quote simply fill in our quick 60 second quote form on the right of this page and we will get right back to you with your personal quotation along with full details of our services. In addition, if you require any additional information or would simply like to ask us a question, you can contact us here. Whether you need an exclusive door to door service for your cherished classic or if you need a cost effective way to ship your family compact to Hong Kong, we have a service to suit all requirements and budgets.

Car Shipping Port of Hong Kong

As a major shipping hub serving the South Asian Pacific region and one of the main gateways for cargo into and out of mainland China, the Port of Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world. Each year in excess of 400,000 vessels arrive and depart through the port bringing with them the equivalent of around 25 million 20' shipping containers.

Hong Kong Car Shipping Port

Hong Kong Car Import Process

There are three main government departments that handle the processes of importing and registering a car in Hong Kong. While our expert team of car shipping professionals will personally help you through this process, we are pleased to provide this basic step by step guide to summarize some of the basic requirements.

Step 1: Exhaust and Noise Emissions
The Environmental Protection Department requires you to prove that your vehicle complies with their emission standards. Proof of compliance can be in the form of documents issued by vehicle manufacturers or an emission testing report provided by an approved laboratory.

Step 2: Importation
Vehicles imported into Hong Kong, even if they are company cars, are not subject to any customs tax. However, the person importing a vehicle is required to submit a declaration to the Customs and Excise Department with accurate and complete information regarding the vehicle within 14 days of its arrival. You can do this yourself, or via a customs broker. An Import Return (Form #CED336) should also be submitted to customs within 30 days of importation.

Step 3: Vehicle Examination
After your vehicle arrives in Hong Kong you are required to take it to the Vehicle Examination Centre to be examined. You should also take an approval letter issued by the Environmental Protection Department to evidence that your car complies with the exhaust and noise emissions as noted above. The address for the Examination Centre can be found below:

Address Telephone

To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Centre
Long Yuet Street

(852) 2333 3112

Vehicles undergoing examination must comply with the following:

  • Vehicle construction should comply with the Road Traffic (Construction and Maintenance of Vehicles) Regulation, Cap. 374A.
  • Seat belts and seat belt anchorage points should comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic (Safety Equipment) Regulations, Cap. 374F. All seat belts shall be permanently marked with a specification number, mark or symbol indicating compliance with the standards listed in the legislation.
  • The windscreen and panes on the vehicle should be of safety glass complying with the standards specified in Cap. 374H. In addition, all vehicle glass shall be of such transparency that it does not obscure the view of the interior of the motor vehicle. Details of Regulations are available online at:
  • For electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicle, submission of further information from the manufacturer may be required to ascertain they are safe for use in Hong Kong.

Step 4: Vehicle Registration and Licensing
In order to apply for first registration of your vehicle you should submit a completed application form (#TD22) to the Hong Kong Licensing Office of Transport including supporting documentation requested on the application form. Once your application has been received and verified you will have to pay your first registration tax, registration and license fee. For more information on how to calculate the registration fees please visit:

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