Car Shipping from the USA Export Rules and Regulations

When you ship your car overseas with Auto Car Shippers we will handle all aspects of both shipping and US Customs documentation for you. We will require copies of some documents relating to your vehicle and in some instances may require some documentation to be signed by you however, our experienced team of car shipping experts will give you clear details of anything that is required to make sure that your car is shipped from the US without a hitch.

While we handle the documentary side of shipping your car for you, there are some basic requirements that we suggest you familiarise yourself with in advance so that when the time comes to get your car moving you will have an understanding of what may be required.

Below we have listed some of these basic requirements as a quick reference guide for you however, if you need any additional information or if you would simply like to get in touch with one of our team for a bit of advice you can contact us here. Alternatively, if you would like to request a free international car shipping quotation please complete our quick 60 second quote form on the right of this page to receive your personal quotation along with full details of our services.

Basic Requirements

All vehicles being exported from the United States are subject to standard documentary declarations to both shipping lines and the US customs authorities. Documentation identifying your vehicle, such as the licence document, should include sufficient information to accurately describe the vehicle being shipped and must carry the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) that matches the VIN number on the car itself. If you do not have or have lost your vehicle licence document, a replacement can be obtained from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). If you require a replacement licence document please contact your local DMV office for details of both how to apply and how long it may take before you to receive it.

If your vehicle was originally brought in to the United States temporarily under a Carnet de Passage, a Temporary Importation Bond or under personal exception for non-residents; you should only need to present the original documents detailing the temporary importation as these original documents will be required by US customs to establish that the vehicle is being re-exported in line with guidelines governing the original import.

Documentation Required

Used Vehicles

For vehicles purchased anywhere in the United States, the exporter must provide documented proof of ownership before being allowed to ship the car overseas. If the car is owned by a third-party (if for instance there is outstanding finance on the vehicle) the exporter must provide written authorisation from that third-party confirming that the car can be exported. This confirmation must include all contact information for the third-party owner so that independent verification can be requested if deemed necessary. If you are a US government employee leaving the country on official travel orders you may be required to prove you have complied with the sponsoring agencies travel documents before being allowed to ship the vehicle.

For vehicles purchased abroad, the exporter must again provide to customs documented proof of ownership of the vehicle, including a translated version of the documentation if it is in a foreign language.

New Vehicles

For new vehicles purchased within the United States from a manufacturer, distributor or dealer; the exporter will be required to provide customs with a Certificate of Origin evidencing that the car was manufactured for sale within the United States. Such documentation should have been provided to you upon purchase from the manufacturer, distributor or dealer.

Junk or Scrap Vehicles

If you are exporting a scrap vehicle that has a valid 'junk' or 'scrap' certificate, you may be required to provide a copy for presentation to customs when your car is shipped from the US.

Detailed information on US car shipping export regulations and guidelines can also be found on the US Customs and Border Protection website here.

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