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Welcome to our FAQ about International Car Shipping where we are happy to provide answers to some of those questions we are regularly asked. Please feel free to take a leisurely browse if you are just after some general guidance or, you can click a link to jump to a specific section if you can see that it is listed below.

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How long will it take to ship my car?

A) Transit times can vary for a number of reasons but will principally be determined by where your car is being shipped from, where you are shipping your car and how your car is shipped. For example; A container ship to any of the main ports in Australia from the East Cost may take up to 35 days to arrive while a Roll on Roll off shipment to Germany from the same East Coast port will only take around 1 week. When planning your car shipment we recommend asking one of team about transit times and frequencies of departures from the port of exit to destination so that we can help you plan shipment around your schedule.

Do I need to know anything about US Customs car shipping formalities?

A) The simple answer is no! We handle all US customs documentation and forms to get your car shipment approved as soon as possible. All we do suggest is that you speak to one of our team in advance of arranging shipment of your car as there may be some documentation that you are required to sign for us to present to customs ahead of your car being shipped, but that's it!

What about foreign customs at my destination?

A) While our trusted network of agents around the world will assist you with importing your car through customer on arrival at destination we do suggest that you familiarize yourself with customs requirements at destination. Import procedures, rates of import duty and tax (if there are any) and documentary requirements do vary from country to country. In addition, if you are shipping any personal items with your car you should be aware of any items that may be prohibited in your country of destination to avoid difficulties when your car arrives. Our experienced team will be able to assist with any questions you have. Detailed information will also be available from the customs authorities in your destination country. Links to overseas customs authority’s websites can also be found here.

Can I track the progress of my car shipment online?

A) Yes you can! Your assigned agent will provide you with a unique tracking code and an online tracking system that will allow you to see the progress of your shipment down to the exact current location of the ship.

Do I need to insure my car?

A) While our agents do not require that you insure your vehicle it is highly recommended that you do. There are typically two main types of insurance to choose from:

  • Full Coverage or All Risks Insurance - Covers you for the total insured value of your car (you can also insure the actual costs of shipping the vehicle) and any minor damages that occur (scratches, dents, etc.)
  • Total Loss - The less expensive option but, as the name suggests, will only provide cover in the event of total loss of the vehicle.

Do I have to drop off and collect my vehicle in person?

A) No, you do not need to personally drop your vehicle off with us nor do you have to collect it in person at destination. If required you can ask a friend, relative or other party to represent you during these steps. If you do wish to be represented by someone else, all you will need to do is identify the person who will be responsible for these aspects of your car shipment on your behalf. While we do recommend that, where ever possible, you are present to avoid any potential difficulties in identifying anyone doing this for you and so that you know your car has been checked to your own standard when it arrives, having a trusted representative handle this for you is not a problem.

Can I place personal belongings in the car?

A) Whether you can ship personal items in your car will depend on how your car is being shipped. If you car is being shipped on our Roll on Roll off (RoRo) service you will not be permitted to leave any personal items in the vehicle for shipment. If however, you are shipping your car on one of our container shipping services you can load personal items in the trunk or passenger space in the car. We provide additional information on the different methods of shipment you may wish to consider for your elsewhere on our site. Find further information on Shipping Cars in Containers here and Ro Ro Car Shipping here. Please note that as auto transporters are not licensed to carry personal effects, if you require your car to be collected and delivered to the port or our container loading facility, you will not be able to have personal items in the vehicle. Personal effects to be shipped with the car must be taken to the port separately to be placed into the car before it's loaded in to the container. If however, you are delivering your car to the port or to one of depots yourself, you can pack items into your car in advance. In all instances please do remember that you will need to provide a list of any items being shipped in your car as this will be required for both shipping and customs paperwork.

If you have a large amount of personal effects to be shipped that cannot be accommodated in your car itself, please speak to one of our team so that we can make arrangements for these items to be loaded and secured outside of, but in the same container, as your car.

Can I ship a vehicle that doesn't run?

A) Of course! While you will need to advise us in advance either if your car doesn't run or if it is not street legal, we can ship any vehicle in any condition running or not.

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