Fast Car Shipping by Container

Why ship by container?

When deciding how to ship your car overseas there are a number of things that you should consider. While shipping on one of our Roll on Roll off services may be more cost effective for a single car, you may also wish to consider some of the benefits and additional options that our container car shipping services provide.

If you have a car or auto that does not run you may still be able to ship your car on a roll on roll off (Ro Ro) service however, there will be additional charges for handling a non-running car at the port and loading to and from the ship. If you have a non-running vehicle that is perhaps an incomplete restoration project you may also have some spare parts that need to be shipped with the car or, you may simply have some personal items that you would like to ship at the same time. While you will not be permitted to load items in your car on a Ro Ro service, shipping you car in a container will provide you with the option to have personal belongings or spare parts loaded into your vehicle saving on additional shipping costs to move them separately. If you have a large amount of personal or household items to ship that will not fit inside your car, we also provide a service to pack such larger items safely and securely in the container around your car providing an economical way everything to be shipping in addition to the convenience of having everything arrive at the same time in the same container.

Our container services are often the preferred option when shipping a high value or classic auto as vehicles can be received at one of our specialist, covered handling facilities and covered in the container to provide a clean, dust free environment.

If you have more than one vehicle to move, our container car shipping services will often provide a cost saving over moving two cars, charged at a 'per unit' rate, on Roll on Roll off services. Shipping containers come in two standard sizes; 20ft and 40ft in length. Our unique, loading systems enable us to load 4 standard size cars in a 40ft container with a standard 20ft container having enough space to accommodate 2 vehicles. We also provide dedicated container shipping services should you prefer your car to be shipping in its own dedicated container.

Getting your car to us

Enclosed Car Transport Trailer

The first step in arranging shipment is getting your car either to one of our regional depots, or directly to the port of departure. You can deliver your car to us or to the port yourself or, you can use our nationwide auto transport service to have your car collected and delivered for you. We offer various collection services throughout the US using our chauffer driven service, a car transporter or using one of our fully enclosed auto transport trailers.

If you choose to deliver your car to one of our regional depots you simply need to speak with one of our team to arrange a convenient delivery time. Alternatively if you wish to personally deliver your car directly to the port, we will book your delivery time with the port and provide you with all the necessary directions, documentation and dock passes you will need when you arrive to make sure that dropping your car off is quick and easy.

How the container is loaded

We place great emphasis on the importance of making sure that your car is secured within the container so that it cannot move during loading or unloading of the container on and off the ship or while in transit to the destination. Using the right equipment and our years of experience in loading cars to be shipped in containers we ensure that your car arrives safely with you at destination wherever you are in the world.

Car Secured within Shipping Container

Your car is first driven into the container and carefully positioned ready to be secured. Each wheel is braced using either wooden 'chocks' or specially manufactured metal plates. Each chock or plate is then secured down to the container floor so that they, nor your car, can move within the container during shipment.

With your car now safely and securely 'chocked' inside the container; high strength, padded ratchet straps are fed around or through the wheels to fasten them to securing eyelets built into the construction of the container itself. This together with the wheel chocks guard against any movement.

Once your car is loaded into the container, all securing points and straps are given a final check before the container is closed ready to be shipped. Container doors are securely sealed shut using leverage bars built into the doors that are secured in place with a uniquely numbered container seal. Once in place container seals cannot be removed without being destroyed and, with every unique seal number detailed on customs and shipping documents, protects against unauthorised access.

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2000 Ferrari 512 Testarossa AZ to Australia

1959 Balchowsky Buick Special "Old Yeller" LA to Germany

1965 White Chevrolet Impala SS GA to Australia