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Motorcycle Shipping

Whether shipping your motorcycle from the USA permanently as part of a move overseas or temporarily for a bike tour around another country, we have a number of options to ensure that your bike is transported safely and quickly.

In the same way as the majority cars are transported around the world, motorcycles can be shipped on specialist Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) ships designed specifically for the shipment of wheeled vehicles. Bikes shipped by Ro Ro are simply ridden on the ship and secured in an area designated for specifically for motorcycles and ridden off of the ship on arrival at destination. All motorcycles shipped by Ro Ro are loaded to secure enclosed decks to ensure your bike will remain protected from the elements during shipment.

As an alternative to Ro Ro bike shipping we also provide air freight and container motorcycle shipping services to all worldwide destinations. When bikes are shipped by air or in a container they will be securely packed into custom built shipping crates for the journey. This also provide the flexibility of being able to ship additional items (boots, leathers, helmets or perhaps just a few personal items) together with your bike to save the inconvenience and potential extra cost in shipping them separately or taking with you as excess baggage on a plane. While both air and container services provide the option to ship things in addition to the bike itself, shipping your bike by air freight also provides the obvious advantage of your bike arriving at destination very quickly.

Getting your Motorcycle to us

We offer a network of transport and handling facilities throughout the country to receive your bike for onward shipment by air or sea. If you live near to one of our facilities, or if you just fancy a day out, you can deliver your bike to us in person. Alternatively we also provide a nationwide motorbike collection service and arrange for your bike to be collected from you and returned to our packing facility to be packed for shipment or directly to the port for Ro Ro shipping.

If you choose to ship your bike on one of our Roll on Roll off services and wish to deliver straight to the port yourself we will book your delivery time at the port for you and provide all the shipping documentation and port passes you will need to make delivery in person.

How bikes are crated for air or container shipping

If you choose to transport your bike by air or on one of our weekly container services, we take great time and care to pack and secure every bike into a bespoke, custom built shipping crate. Once packed and sealed into one of our handmade shipping crates your bike is ready to be safely moved anywhere around the world by truck, boat or plane.

Motorcycle secure crating

First we measure the bike exactly so that the crate can be made to measure. Once the crate has been prepared, the bike is positioned on the base and the wheels and stand are chocked and braced. To avoid movement within the crate, strong banding secures the bike to the base using both the wheels and points through and over the frame. Heavy duty foam padding is positioned between banding and any points of contact with the wheels and frame to make sure that paintwork is not marked. When safely strapped to the base we build the crate around the bike before it is strengthened using wooden struts within the crate. A uniquely numbered tamper proof seal is then applied to ensure your bike remains safe and secure until you receive it at destination.

Once crated and ready to go, shipping by sea container is the most popular choice of shipping bikes internationally as it is usually more cost effective than shipping by air. If you are shipping more than one motorcycle at a time, container shipping may be a more suitable answer for you in regard to both cost and convenience as multiple bikes can be packed and secured into the same crate for shipment.

If your requirements are such that you need to ship and receive your motorcycle at destination quickly, air freight shipping may be your preferred option. Much like catching a flight yourself, when moved by airfreight your bike will arrive at destination either on the same day as it leaves or the following day dependent on destination and departure times as, in exactly the same way as with passenger air travel, some long haul destinations require a stop off en route.

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2000 Ferrari 512 Testarossa AZ to Australia

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