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Ro Ro Car Shipping

Roll on Roll off shipping services are generally considered the most popular method of shipment when vehicles need to be transported overseas as they often provide the most cost effective way to ship. When shipping a car on our Ro Ro service, your vehicle is simply driven on to the ship at the port of departure and driven back off on arrival at destination. This method of loading and unloading to and from the ship gives rise to the term 'Roll on Roll off'.

Ro Ro Auto Shipping

Ro Ro ships are purpose built vessels designed for the transportation of all manner of wheeled cargo including cars, autos, and SUV's right up to large trucks and heavy plant machinery that run on metal tracks such as bulldozers and excavators. Using specialist loading platforms they also transport cargo that does not move under its own power such as boats and yachts in addition to large pieces of industrial machinery that is too large to be shipped in containers.

All vehicles are driven on to the ship using the ships integral loading ramps that are lowered down to the quayside when the vessel is in port to make for fast and easy loading.

Getting your car to us

While your car may have a long way to travel to get to destination, the first steps of the journey for every car are to one of our local receiving facilities or directly to the port of departure. We provide a nationwide vehicle transport service offering collection right from your door using our chauffer driver, conventional vehicle transporter or a fully enclosed collection vehicle to ensure safe delivery of your car ready for shipment.

If you live close to one of our vehicle receiving facilities or if you would simply like to come and meet us, you can choose to deliver your car to us yourself. If you wish to deliver your car directly to the port we will make advance arrangements for you to include providing full and clear directions, issuing you with the necessary documentation and gate passes and will book your delivery time at the port to make sure delivery is made quickly and easily.

How cars are loaded

Some of today's modern Ro Ro vessels can be up to an incredible 860 feet long, have over 9 internal decks and are capable of carrying over 6000 on every trip. Great care is taken to safely plan the loading of every ship so that only appropriate types of vehicles are loaded together. Cars and SUV's for example will be loaded on a different deck to heavy plant machinery. This ensures that the vessel is loaded efficiently for each and every voyage and that all vehicles arrive safely at destination.

Inside Ro Ro ship

The sheer number of cars that can be shipped on each sailing, along with the speed and security Ro Ro services provide, make Roll on Roll off car shipping the preferred choice of the world's largest car manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, BMW and Toyota when their cars are transported for distribution around the world.

Within the ship there are securing eyelets running throughout the floor of every deck. Once driven on to the ship and parked in its individually allocated space, every car is secured safely in place using heavy duty strapping around the wheels eliminating any movement during shipment.

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What We've Shipped

2000 Ferrari 512 Testarossa AZ to Australia

1959 Balchowsky Buick Special "Old Yeller" LA to Germany

1965 White Chevrolet Impala SS GA to Australia